PCR and RT-PCR Services

Catalog #: 10040 (PCR/RT-PCR Detection and Identification); 10041 (PCR/RT-PCR Large Scale Amplification); 10042 (PCR/RT-PCR Cloning)

We offer the following PCR and RT-PCR services on customer supplied material.

  • Rapid detection and identification of contaminants in samples (i.e. bacterial, viral, etc.).
  • Large scale amplification to yield microgram to milligram amounts of PCR and RT-PCR products.
  • Cloning of PCR products into the vector of your choice.

We will work with you on all parts of your project from the design of the oligonucleotides through the analysis, quantitation, or cloning of your PCR products. A detailed certificate of analysis will be provided to you when your project is completed.