Microquantity cDNA Libraries

Catalog #:10006

High Quality Microquantity cDNA Libraries are constructed using our state-of-the-art methods for cDNA synthesis and cloning to produce libraries from small amounts of starting material. Like our standard libraries, these libraries are directionally cloned into Express I and then transformed into T1 phage resistant E. coli. We guarantee at least 1×106 primary clones with ≥87% recombinant clones containing an average insert size of at least 1kb, however, we generally produce libraries of 3×106 primary clones with >95% recombinant clones containing ≥1.5kb average insert size.

We will make microquantity libraries from customer supplied tissue (<1g), cells (at least 1×107), total RNA (≥50 µg) or mRNA (≥500 ng). We provide quality controlled primary or amplified libraries.

Features list:

  • High quality cDNA clones.
  • Directionally cloned cDNA for expression, antibody screening, subtraction and normalization.
  • Large numbers of primary clones.
  • Low vector background.

Characteristics of a cDNA Library Constructed From a Microquantity Amount of HeLa mRNA

mRNA (ng) Total # of primary clones Average insert size (kb)* Percent recombinants Insert size range (kb)*
2,000 7.3×107 2.43 100 1.7 – 5.5
1,000 8.0×106 2.43 100 0.9 – 5.2
500 6.7×105 1.75 100 0.8 – 2.9

mRNA (ng), Total # of primary clones, Average insert size (kb)*, Percent recombinants, Insert size range (kb)**Average insert size and insert size range determined by restriction enzyme digestion of 24 clones picked at random from each library.

Quality testing: Percentage of recombinant clones and average insert size determined by gel analysis of 24 clones picked at random.

Shipment and storage conditions: Libraries will be shipped in dry ice. Storage of libraries at -80°C is recommended.

Tissue and RNA Preparation Suggestions